What is the purpose of the Policy Library?

The Policy Library provides a single authoritative site for all University-wide policies, procedures, role statements and forms to facilitate the use of up-to-date policy information by the University community.

What is the scope of the Policy Library?

The Policy Library contains policies, guidelines, procedures, role statements and links to key strategic plans on a variety of issues of an academic, staff management, research, administrative, financial, technical and physical facilities nature that have been approved by the committees of the University or designated officers.

Forms that support the implementation of procedures published in the Policy Library are also included. The Library also contains the Griffith University Act as well as Staff Collective Agreements.

How are documents sorted in the Policy Library?

Documents are classified under a top level function by applying the University's Business Classification Scheme. Within each top level category are a number of second-level categories for further refinement.

How do I link to a Policy Library document?

There is a full list of the official titles and their URLs of all Policy Library documents published on the Policy Library website. These exact titles and URLs should be used when linking to an individual Policy Library document, or when including URLs in published materials.

What is the Glossary?

The Glossary is an alphabetical listing of definitions for the terms and acronyms used within the Policy Library.

How are documents approved for inclusion in the Policy Library?

University policies and procedures are developed by designated officers, committees or working parties after a process of consultation. They are then approved by the University Council or other University committees, or by a designated position.

The policies and procedures contained within the Policy Library are University policies and have University-wide application. The Approving Authorities for University Policies lists all approved policies/procedures and their approving authority.

Who has access to the Policy Library?

The Policy Library is accessible to anyone who has access to the internet and is not restricted.

Is there a printed version of the Policy Library available?

All policies contained within the Library are available electronically, generally in PDF or MS Word (depending on the requirements of the document). There is no central, printed version available.

Does the Policy Library contain the latest versions of approved policies? Is it kept up to date?

Yes the Policy Library contains the most up to date versions of policies and does not display policies that have not yet been approved or that have been rescinded. As soon as practicably possible after a document is approved, it is published to the Policy Library.

How do I view previous versions of a policy library document?

Previous versions of a Policy Library document are accessible via a nominated PL Publisher. For versions prior to September 2012, please contact the Policy Library Manager.

I would like more information on one of the policies contained in the Library. Who can help me?

Each policy document lists an Advisor in the header of the document. You should contact this person with any queries.

Who is responsible for the management of the Policy Library?

The Policy Library Manager is responsible for the overall maintenance of the Policy Library, Glossary and documents supporting publication standards within the Library. The content of the policy documents is the responsibility of the Advisor listed in the header of each policy.