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Academic Group

The Academic Group is the highest and largest element in the academic structure of the University. The Academic Group is the administrative owner of programs offered by its academic elements. There are four Academic Groups: Arts, Education and Law (AEL), Business (GBS), Health (HTH) and Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology (SCG).

Academic Misconduct

Refers to all behaviour involving the misrepresentation of academic achievement as specified in the policy on Student Academic Misconduct. It is defined in the Institutional Framework for Promoting Academic Integrity among Students

Academic Career

Refers to the broad academic level to which a program belongs. There are four academic careers : Undergraduate (UGRD), Postgraduate (PGRD), Research (RSCH) and Non-Award (NAWD).

Academic Withdrawal Date

The academic withdrawal date is the last date students are permitted to drop a course without receiving the academic penalty of a 'Withdrawal with Failure (WF)' grade on their Official Academic Transcript. Receiving a 'WF' grade will affect a students GPA adversely, as a numeric award of zero is awarded. Students will also remain liable for the related tuition fee.

Admission Schedule

An approved schedule by which an admission rank is assigned to a particular qualification, experience or characteristic held by an applicant.

Academic Record

See Academic Transcript.

Admission Level

The basic measure of academic merit for tertiary admission purposes, expressed as an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), Overall Position (OP) or QTAC Admission Rank.

Advanced Standing

A form of credit for any previous learning (Australian Qualifications Framework Definition). Advanced standing is the granting of block credit of a trimester or more. Advanced standing indicates that the student is deemed to have satisfied all the program requirements that are embedded in the trimester(s) for which block credit has been awarded. Advanced standing reduces the number of courses the student must undertake to successfully complete the program. See also the definitions for "credit transfer" and "recognition of prior learning"

Academic Transcript

Also referred to as an Academic Record this is an official record of all programs and any majors/minors or specialisations completed. It also lists all courses in which a student has enrolled and the grade obtained for each course. If the student has graduated it also shows the date the award was conferred.

Academic Standing

Academic standing refers to the status of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students in their program of study. There are three statuses: "good", "probation" and "excluded" which are defined in the policy on Academic Standing, Progression and Exclusion. The policy also specifies the indicators of a student being "at risk" of losing their "good academic standing" status, and the circumstances under which a student may be issued with an academic warning.


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