The Policy Library contains all approved University policies and procedures.

All policy documents in the Policy Library are governed by the Policy Governance Framework and have been categorised under the three headings of Academic, Governance and Operational. Our Framework reflects and embeds our values of fairness, equity, diversity and inclusion and provides a safe and supportive environment for all staff and students.

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IMPORTANT: Policy and Delegations Review Project

A major review of the University’s policy documents and delegations is currently underway as we transition to the Policy Governance Framework and the Delegations Framework.  As policy documents and delegations are reviewed, they will be:

  1. Converted to new templates (existing policy documents will remain on the old template until the major review is complete).
  2. Updated to reflect changes brought about by the R2S Program and the Chancellery Review unless immediate change is required for operational or compliance reasons.

Where position titles have changed, the equivalent new position will have the same accountability under the policy as the previous position did, until such time as the document is updated. For those instances where an equivalent position does not exist in the new structure, section 3.1 (c) of the Delegations Policy applies: ‘Authorities held by a delegate are included in those held by the delegate’s line manager, subject to any professional qualification requirements. The delegate’s line manager may exercise the delegated authority in the absence of the delegate, subject to compliance with legislation and University policy’.

If you have any queries or think that a policy requires urgent change for operational or compliance reasons, please contact the Policy Advisor listed on the policy document or send an enquiry to

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Register of Policy changes


Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, and sometimes new policy documents will need to be developed. The following resources support the review and development of policies and procedures, as outlined in the Policy Governance Policy and Policy Governance Procedure.

If you are working on a policy or procedure please contact the Policy Library Manager in Corporate Governance at for advice.

Tools for Policy Review and Development

In addition to the Policy Governance Policy and Policy Governance Procedure and the other resources provided above, the following tools have been designed to support the review and development of policies and procedures from commencement through to approval:

Policy and Delegations Update

The Policy and Delegations update is a monthly digest featuring the latest news on University policy documents and delegations of authority, including the implementation of both the Policy Governance Framework and Delegations Framework.

If you missed the latest edition in your Inbox, please find it below:

Policy and Delegations update (Mar 2021) Edition 6.0

Access previous editions from the Policy and Delegations update Archive.


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